Call Bucyrus Equipment – makers of the Magnum line of turf harvesters – for all your netting needs. Immediate shipment from multiple warehouses is available year ‘round.

We carry a complete range of Big Roll Net sizes – 23”, 29”, 40” and 46” – and Field Net sizes – 17’ and 20’ for all brands of turf equipment. Big Roll Net and Field Net can be combined for bulk discounts.

Magnum Big Roll Net and Magnum Field Net can help you increase your net on every acre you harvest. Big Roll Net and Field Net are loaded with the features that provide maximum benefits for profitable turf harvesting.

Big Roll Net delivers improved strength, flush edges and longer heavy-duty lengths – important keys to profitable big roll production.

Field Net’s steel cores eliminate bent rolls. Longer rolls mean less changing time and the improved performance that make it the easiest and fastest field net to install.

Best of all, the talented team from Bucyrus Equipment Company – with more than eighty years of turf experience – is ready to give you the support, service and delivery you need to make it all net out profitably for you.

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